Wicket Keeping Pads

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Pro T20 101 Sixer WK Pad
Pro T20 101 Sixer was our 2013's most economical WK pad.  Best Pads for the price! Limite..
Pro T20 405 Green WK Pad
Pro T20 405 Green was our best seller for 2013.  Limited Availability. Email: info@prot2.com..
Pro T20 Hero WK Pads
Pro T20's new dynamic range of WK pads. It sets the standard for lightweight, contemporary protectio..
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Pro T20 Triumph WK Pad
Pro T20 Triumph WK Pads.  Ideal pads for your regional/domestic cricket.  Semi tradi..
Pro T20 WK Pads
Traditional style WK pads for beginners and part time cricketers.  Light weight foaming for ..